The Salam Project

Serve, Inspire & Challenging Ignorance

About Us

The Salam Project have been actively working in the community for over 10 years. Our organisation have been delivering workshops and seminars, urban poetry events, motivational talks, film showcases and conferences around the UK. As a community initiative we are Youth and Revert / Convert focused. Our projects consistently promote Every Child Matters and FRED (Freedom Respect Equality & Dignity).

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The Salam Project aims to challenge gang crime, (gun & knife crime) long term youth unemployment, offending/re-offending, extremism and radicalisation in the inner city. We consistently intend to do this through workshops, social media campaigns, drop ins, youth engagement, motivational talks, facilitating courses and joint ventures. We work in the heart of BME communities in the UK. 

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

–Muhammed Ali

Misson Statement

The Salam Project strongly believes that consistent workshops and motivational talks in schools should be utilised more often.  These are the best tools to challenge gang crime (guns/knife crime) and extremism / radicalisation among the youth. An example would be more positive Urban creative arts. This is a perfect tool to challenge under-achievement, gang crime, knife crime and gun crime among young people in the inner city. We humbly ask our Rappers, Grime MC’s, poets, Reggae/R’n’B singers to realise the power they have to inspire the youth of today.

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Projects & Outreach Programmes

We are passionate about visiting schools, PRU’s, YOI’s, youth clubs, colleges and inclusion units. We are relentless in our mission to challenge extremism, radicalisation, gang crime and womens hate crime in the community though our workshops/motivational talks.

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