The Team

Behind ‘The Salam Project’ are…

Ismael Lea South

Director & Project Manager

The founder of The Salam Project, honoured to be working with a talented, hardworking and passionate team. He started The Salam Project in the hope of challenging ignorance (Islamophobia, extremism, radicalisation, re-offending, gang crime and hate crimes towards females)  in society through workshops, artistic (poetry, rap, comedy, film showings etc.) showcases, motivational talks and social media campaigns.  Outside of work he loves to spend time with his wife and kids.

Emmanuel Ibrahim Abdul Karim

Co Director & Training Manager

Has been working with local authorities and statutory organisations for over 10 years. Passionate about promoting peace in the community and identity to young people. Has extensive experience with governance, policies and procedures. Has been working against gang crime and radicalisation for over 10 years.  Outside of work he enjoys reading and travelling to Africa.

Yasmin Adedeji

Finance Director & Senior Female Engagement Officer

Has been working in mental health and the charity sector for over 10 years. She has been supporting and advising grassroots voluntary groups in London and Manchester. Yasmin is very passionate about empowering females (young, middle aged and old) and encouraging females to achieve in education and their careers. Yasmin manages female empowerment programmes that benefit of females in the community. She also initiates programmes that challenges honour killing, FGM and forced marriages. Outside of work Yasmin enjoys reading and hair braiding.

Wayne Shahid

Ex Offenders Outreach Officer

He has been passionate about assisting ex offenders resettling into society. Before working with The Salam Project, he was working with the Noble Intentions charity. He worked as a outreach and fundraising assistant. His aspiration is to set up a hostel and halfway house for ex offenders. Wayne will be working with the ex offenders drop in team in helping ex offenders into employment, accredited training and business start ups. Outside of work, Wayne enjoys reading and keeping fit.

Daniel Muhammad

Project Worker & Quality Assurance

Daniel has a wealth of experience in working in the charity sector and community organisations. He has been working with The Salam Project for over 5 years. Outside of work Daniel loves football, keeping fit and motorbikes

Hajj Amal Douglas

The Designer

He has over 20 years of experience in working with charities, not for profits and social enterprises. An expert in trustee training through his consultancy he has helped many small and grassroots charities to get funding from mainstream organisations. He is passionate about assisting BME organisation to tighten up their governance and management structures to gain success.

Sabrina & Maryum

Social Media Promotion Team

They are both successful graduates from Southbank University. They have been volunteers with The Salam Project for over 7 years. They are passionate about promoting positive initiatives for young people and females online. They are consistently active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and are introducing The Salam Project team to Snapchat.

Mustafa Tevin Briggs Okon – Senior BME Community Development Officer & Advisor (Management Committee Co-Chair)

Ex Offenders Outreach Officer

Loves travelling and working with diverse communities. He is passionate about achievement and networking to explore opportunities. A young man who has a keen interest in the creative arts he has a history of promoting community cohesion and working towards supporting developing communities in the UK. He promotes advocacy, employment and higher education initiatives to his clients. A motivational speaker and a warm personality who is a great inspiration to everyone he meets. Passionate about challenging hate crime, extremism/radicalisation, apathy, long term unemployment, ignorance of politics/policy making and illiteracy within communities.

Kyle Gray – Senior Youth Engagement Officer & Advisor (Management Committee Co-Chair)

Project Worker & Quality Assurance

As a young man from north west London, he makes it his business to be up to date on youth trends, interests and crazes. He is passionate about promoting education, NCS, Duke of Edinborough awards, accredited training and apprenticeships to young people from the inner city. (So they may achieve in Life) currently completing his Masters at University and plans to undertake his PHD. He is a young leader in the making who has been the head of the ACS and Spiritual Dialogue student societies. Well connected to his Caribbean heritage and strongly believes that an understanding of identity can challenge many ills in society among young people. In his spare time he like to research statistics and policies that affect young people.