About Us

Who are we?

The Salam Project have been actively working in the community for over 10 years. Our organisation has been delivering workshops and seminars, urban poetry events, motivational talks, film showcases and conferences around the UK. As a community initiative, we are Youth and Revert / Convert focused. Our projects consistently promote Every Child Matters and FRED (Freedom Respect Equality & Dignity).

We continually strive to assist young people into employment, accredited training business enterprise start-ups and higher education through our various programmes.

Our work challenges stereotypes and ignorance in our communities which includes gang crime, anti social behaviour, extremism, radicalisation and female hate crimes and also FGM, Forced Marriages and Honour Killings.

The Salam Project challenges these ignorance elements in our society by regularly hosting workshops, motivational talks, events, seminars, drop-ins, outreach and online campaigns on social media. We are always available to outreach to schools, colleges, PRU’s, prisons, YOI’s, YOT’s, Youth Clubs or Inclusion facilities.

Our Team are fully trained and are CRB checked.

Aspirations from Todays’ Society

We truly believe that Social Media company giants (Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) need to engage with grassroots anti-extremism / de-radicalisation initiatives that work on the ground to get advice what inflammatory content on their pages. 

The Salam Project believes that ex-offenders need to get employability training with literacy and numeracy training before they come out of imprisonment.  Then we need a network of business people and entrepreneurs who can give employment, business start up and apprenticeship opportunities so they may earn while they learn. Most people turn to crime due to economic reasons. 

As such, we strongly believe in working in partnership with positive organisations, local authorities, charities,  foundations, schools, academy’s, schools, PRU’s YOI’s, researchers, statutory organisations and social enterprises.  We are only interested in working in partnership with initiatives that want to challenge gang crime (gun & knife crime) poverty, re-offending, homeless, mental health, illiteracy, cultural crimes against girls, hate crime and BME youth unemployment. 

We would like to thank Huda Jawad for dealing with our queries we get regarding domestic violence, FGM, honour killing, forced marriage and honour based violence issues. In partnership with Huda Jawad from Standing Together we facilitate workshops and courses on these topics.